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While our team is available and happy to answer any questions you might have, we appreciate that sometimes it’s faster simply to find the answer yourself. That’s why we’ve created this frequently asked questions page – so that all the most commonly asked questions about Encompass Protection can be found in one central place.

We appreciate that when your client needs to make a claim, they’re often experiencing a period of uncertainty and financial vulnerability. That’s why our claims process is responsive and straightforward.

Importantly, we also understand and value the role of the adviser during claims time. Further information about our claims process is available here.

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You can now complete a quote or application for Encompass Protection using the same platform that you use for NEOS Protection (this also means you can use your existing NEOS username and password to login).

You can access the adviser portal here.

Note: you will still need to be registered with Encompass Protection to complete a client application. You can register to be an Encompass Protection adviser here.

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No, Encompass Protection does not charge a policy fee.

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Yes, a 7.5% premium discount will apply to our lump sum covers (Life Cover, TPD Cover and Critical Illness Cover) when the insured person meets the following criteria:

  • BMI between 19 and 28.5 inclusive
  • non-smoker > 10 years; and
  • no loadings or exclusions.

See our Adviser Guide for further details.

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Our application system only supports one insured person per policy. This streamlined process ensures your clients are covered as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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We know how much advisers value the experience that NEOS delivers. Whether it’s the dedicated service team, fast turnaround times or easy-to-use adviser portal, the NEOS Experience makes an adviser’s job easier and improves client satisfaction.

That’s why NEOS has partnered with MLC Life Insurance to launch Encompass Protection – a product that combines the NEOS Experience with MLC Life Insurance’s financial strength and claims service.

All Encompass Protection life insurance policies are promoted and administered by NEOS.

This means that regardless of whether you’ve recommended NEOS Protection or Encompass Protection to your client, you will:

  • Have the same, dedicated NEOS BDM, underwriter and service consultant working with you across both products
  • Quote, apply and manage your clients using the same adviser portal

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Continuity of cover means that we will renew your Encompass Protection policy each year until it expires, provided premiums are paid when due. This means we won’t cancel cover, place further restrictions on it or increase premiums because of changes to the insured person’s health, occupation or pastimes.

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If you feel we haven’t resolved your complaint to your satisfaction, you can then lodge your complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). AFCA is an independent organisation, which provides free assistance to customers who have complaints about financial products and services. AFCA can be contacted at:

Phone: 1800 931 678
Website: www.afca.org.au
Address: GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001
Email: info@afca.org.au

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We’ll make every effort to try and resolve your complaint as quickly and as fairly as possible.

If you have a concern or complaint, please contact us in the first instance via the details below. We’ll endeavour to manage this to your satisfaction without undue delay. We’ll make sure we call you within two days of receipt of your complaint.

Call us: 1300 476 030

Email us: customer@encompassprotect.com.au

If we can’t resolve your complaint quickly, we’ll formally record the details, with your assistance, to ensure that it’s correctly understood and progressed through the appropriate channels. This may involve external parties such as the insurer and your financial adviser.

Our complaints manager will work closely with you to resolve your complaint and keep you updated along the way. Please note that while the law allows insurance companies up to 45 days to respond to complaints (90 days for super complaints), we’ll always endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

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If you’ve made a claim, you can generally access all the information we hold about you, except for certain instances, as per privacy legislation, where we need to provide information directly to your doctor (instead of you).

Simply call us on 1300 476 030 or email us at claims@encompassprotect.com.au and we’ll organise to send you a copy of your claims file.

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If you’re concerned about the way your claim is progressing, or disagree with our response to your claim, please talk to your Encompass Protection claims consultant first. If they can’t resolve your issue, you can have the issue reviewed by our claims manager or Claims Review Committee.

Should you remain unhappy after our internal review, you can have an external body like an ombudsman or a regulator try to resolve the issue. We’ll provide you with information about the options available and how you can contact the relevant organisation.

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If you’re legally competent to apply for a claim and your claim is approved, all benefits will be paid to you or your legal personal representative. If you’re judged not legally competent, we’ll pay the benefits to whomever we’re legally permitted to make payments. If your claim is approved, all benefits will be paid to you or your legal representative.

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Yes, it’s important to continue paying your premiums while your claim is being assessed to ensure your cover isn’t cancelled.

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We promise to let you know the outcome of your claim as soon as possible. But assessing your claim may, in some instances, depend on circumstances that are outside of our control.

Some claims are simple, but others are more involved and depend on how promptly we’re able to obtain information from you and from any relevant doctors or other third parties.

When providing details about your claim to us, it’s best that you provide as much detail and clarity as you can. This will help us get back to you as soon as possible.

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We’re here, along with your financial adviser, to support you through the claims process. If you need to make a claim, we’re here to support you with personalised and compassionate attention every step of the way.

We’ll do our very best to make the process easy, and once claim conditions are met, get you paid as quickly as possible.

Get started with a claim by contacting us on 1300 476 030 or claims@encompassprotect.com.au as soon as you know you need to make a claim and we’ll get things moving. Our phone lines are open 8.00am to 6.00pm (AEST/AEDT) Monday to Friday.

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We may pay your financial adviser a commission. Any amount paid is factored into the cost of your policy. Your financial adviser will provide you with a Financial Services Guide and where applicable, a Statement of Advice, which will detail the benefits they receive for selling you your policy.

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The premium you pay may increase each year due to:

  • regular age increases (if your policy has stepped premiums)
  • some discounts cease during the life of your policy like the new cover reward discount
  • any increase in tax, duty or charge introduced by government; and/or
  • a fee for administering your policy is charged (currently we do not charge any policy fees);
  • if your sum insured increases (including through the Indexation Benefit)
  • You vary your policy, for example you add a new type of insurance; and/or
  • We change the premium rates*

Each year we’ll send you an annual anniversary notice outlining your premium payable.

* The cost of your insurance cover is not guaranteed, and the insurer can change the premium rates. Decisions to change premium rates do not occur because of changes to an individual customer’s own circumstances, but rather are determined in relation to the group of policies.

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Premium payments for Encompass Protection policies are paid through direct debit, either by credit card or debit card, ensuring you don’t accidently forget a payment. You can choose to pay your premium monthly or yearly. If you pay your premium monthly, we’ll apply a premium frequency loading to your premium, which helps cover the costs of collecting your premium more frequently.

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Interim accident cover is designed to provide you with limited cover while your application is being assessed by us and is available free of charge. It starts as soon as we receive your fully completed application form, a completed personal statement and a completed premium deduction authority.

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If you cancel your Encompass Protection policy during the cooling-off period and you haven’t made a claim, your policy will be cancelled from the commencement date, and we’ll refund any premiums you’ve paid. If your cover is inside super, your refund may need to be preserved within super.

If you cancel your policy after the cooling-off period, premiums aren’t refundable.

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We know life is constantly changing, and you may need to make changes to your Encompass Protection policy from time to time. In many cases, general policy alterations such as changes of address or bank account details can be completed over the phone. For more complex policy alterations, we may require additional information. Either way, simply call us on 1300 476 030 or email us at customer@encompassprotect.com.au and we’ll make the process as easy for you as possible.

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Your Encompass Protection policy starts when your application has been assessed and approved by us, and we have received your first premium. As soon as your cover is approved, a welcome letter will be sent to you via email, along with a policy schedule outlining the full details of your cover, including your policy’s commencement date.

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If you’re applying for life insurance, or increasing the insurance cover you already have, it’s important you tell us about any change in your health or financial circumstances. If during this process, you’ve forgotten to tell your adviser something, we recommend you contact them as soon as possible to discuss. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phoning us on 1300 476 030 or sending an email to customer@encompassprotect.com.au

Once you’ve been accepted for insurance cover, you don’t need to update us of any changes to your health, financial circumstances or occupation.

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Encompass Protection policies allow for one insured person per policy, so your partner will need to apply for insurance cover under their own policy.

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You may still be eligible for life insurance if you have any pre-existing health condition(s). Your financial adviser can help answer any questions you may have about these and guide you through the application process.

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The setup of your Encompass Protection policy depends on many variables, such as the cover type(s) being applied for, the cover amount and any additional information we may need to assess your application including your current health and medical history. At times, we may need to wait for information to be returned to us from other providers such as your doctor(s).

Importantly, purchasing life insurance with the guidance of your financial adviser means you’re receiving expert advice and your life insurance policy is tailored to your individual needs.

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Your Encompass Protection policy can be owned by a super fund or outside super, by you or a legal entity. Your financial adviser can help you decide which ownership option is best for you.

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No, Encompass Protection is only available as an individual life insurance policy and only via financial advisers.

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Encompass Protection is issued by MLC Limited (MLC Life Insurance) ABN 90 000 000 402 AFSL 230694.

MLC Life Insurance has been protecting Australian lives for over 130 years, and in 2022 paid over $1.2 billion in claims to its customers. It has built a strong reputation for excellence in claims management. In fact, MLC Life Insurance has some of the fastest claims approval turnaround times in the industry and are known for managing claims effectively and efficiently. So, you can be confident that you and your loved ones are in safe hands because all Encompass claims are handled by the team at MLC Life Insurance.

For further information visit: www.mlcinsurance.com.au

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Encompass Protection is a highly rated suite of life insurance cover types available as self-owned or superannuation owned policies that will meet the needs of most customers, at very competitive prices. The cover types available under Encompass Protection include:

Cover Available as Maximum sum insured at entry
Life Cover Stand-alone $3,000,000
Total & Permanent Disability
(TPD) Cover
Attached to Life Cover
Linked to Life Cover
Critical Illness Cover Stand-alone
Attached to Life Cover
Linked to Life Cover
Income Protection Cover Stand-alone $20,000 per month

Life Cover, TPD Cover and Income Protection Cover are available both inside and outside super.

Encompass Protection is issued by MLC Limited and promoted and administered by NEOS Life.

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NEOS Life (NEOS) is a registered business name of Australian Life Development Pty Ltd ABN 96 617 129 914 AFSL 502759.

NEOS is a specialist in life insurance administration and provides administrative services for Encompass Protection.

Since their launch in 2018, NEOS has changed the way life insurance is delivered in Australia by focusing on making life insurance easy, accessible and friendly. In doing so, they’ve lived up to their mission of setting a new standard in life insurance. As a result, you can expect a truly outstanding customer experience when it comes to the assessment of your application and management of your Encompass Protection life insurance policy.

For further information visit: www.neoslife.com.au

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