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Everything you need in one place

We understand it can be hard to keep track of the different forms and documents you require.

Which is why we’ve created this form and document library. Everything you need to provide to a client, or to answer questions about Encompass Protection, can be found here.

Simply scroll down to access the most up-to-date versions of our Adviser Guide, Data Capture Form and Protect Super Plan for Encompass Protection forms; to name a few.

Plus, if you’re a registered Encompass Protection adviser, you can also order hard copies of our Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document and Data Capture Form. Just click on the ‘Order online’ button and follow the instructions on the screen. Your requested documents will be at your doorstep shortly!

Adviser Guide

The Encompass Protection adviser guide explains our cover types and pricing approach, our underwriting and claims requirements, as well as our administrative processes. It should be read together with the Encompass Protection Product Disclosure Statement.

Encompass Protection Data Capture Form

Heading to a client meeting where you won’t have access to a computer? This form has been created to help you capture the information necessary to complete an online application when you return to your office.
Protect Super Plan for Encompass Protection

Required forms

Here are the important forms your client will need to complete if they’ve purchased, or plan to purchase, life insurance through the Protect Super Plan for Encompass Protection.

Protect Super Enduring Rollover Form

Use this form to provide your consent to rollover or transfer part of the superannuation benefits from your nominated superannuation account, to the Protect Super Plan for Encompass Protection.

Protect Super Death Benefit Nomination

Use this form to make a binding or non-binding beneficiary nomination, renew an existing nomination, or to change an existing nomination.
Policy administration

Required forms

We’ve kept our forms to the absolute minimum as most requests can be handled over the phone or via email. However, the few forms we do have, are provided below. All forms are writable PDFs so there’s no need to print – simply download the form, type in the responses and email it to us at

Ordinary death benefit nomination

Use this form to make a death benefit nomination for ordinary (non-super) Encompass Protection policies.

Declaration signing

Use this form to capture your client's physical signature confirming their agreement with the declarations in the Encompass Protection application.

Medical authority

Use this form to provide your client's authority for their medical practitioner to release their personal medical information to the Administrator (NEOS), or any other administrator acting on the insurer’s (MLC Limited) behalf.

Application for alteration or increase

Use this form to request an increase in cover or addition to an existing policy, any alteration that requires underwriting (e.g. a reduction of waiting period) or a review of a loading/exclusion).

Non-smoker declaration

Use this form to apply for a change to your smoking status on your cover.

Health Declaration

Use this form to provide us with the required health declarations for pending Encompass Protection applications that are more than three months old.

Future Increase Benefit

Use this form to request an increase in Life, Critical Illness, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and/or Income Protection Cover under the Future Increase Benefit.

Sales tools

Preparing a Statement of Advice? Want to provide your client a summary of Encompass Protection’s cover types and benefits? Looking for some words to describe who Encompass Protection is and why your clients can be confident at claims time? Look no further.

This section contains helpful ‘tools’ designed to make your job, and conversations with your clients, easier.

Encompass Protection Product Brochure

The Encompass Protection product brochure provides a high-level summary of our cover types, their key benefits, valuable features and optional extras. This brochure has been designed to help you describe Encompass Protection to your clients.

Encompass Protection SoA wording examples

This document is designed to assist you in preparing a Statement of Advice (SoA) or Record of Further Advice (RoFA) for your client. Specifically, it includes wording examples that can be used to help describe who Encompass Protection is and the key benefits offered under Encompass Protection.

Tele-interview guide

This guide includes everything you need to know about our tele-interview process including how to prepare, what information is required and how we use your information.

Encompass Protection unique features

Looking for a quick overview of what makes Encompass Protection unique when compared to other product offerings? Then look no further. This document provides all the information you’d like to know.

Brand use authorisation

Would you like to include the Encompass Protection logo on your website or marketing collateral? If so, please complete this form, send it to us and we'll provide the logo file.