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Vivo is available to Encompass Protection customers at no extra cost, providing a broad range of support options to help you achieve your health, wellness, and recovery goals.

You and your immediate family* get unlimited access to Vivo Virtual Care, with additional support available when you need help recovering from illness or injury—before, during, or after a claim.



Prioritise your wellness to maintain overall health.


Access medical professionals and resources.


Get back on track after illness or injury.

Specialist Care

Support for mental health, cancer, pain management and grief.

Enduring care. Anytime. Anywhere.

Vivo Virtual Care

With Vivo Virtual Care, you and your immediate family* can access specialised care services such as medical second opinions, mental health support, fitness, nutrition, and guidance for coping with loss or grief. It’s a convenient way to get the help you need.

No extra cost

Unlimited access

100% confidential

Easy online access

Family included*


Fitness Consult

If you’re already active, managing a chronic condition or getting into fitness, you can work one-on-one with an Exercise Physiologist to develop a fitness plan tailored to your ability, goals, and lifestyle.

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Nutrition Consult

Whether you want to gain energy, manage your weight, or for anything in between, talk to a Dietitian and build a custom nutrition plan that suits your goals and lifestyle.

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Expert Medical Opinion

Don’t let money, time, or location stop you from getting expert medical care. Get an in-depth review of your condition by a leading specialist to better understand your diagnosis and treatment options.

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Mental Health Navigator**

The first step can be the hardest – quickly access an Australian psychologist and/or psychiatrist to assess your mental health. You’ll have support implementing a tailored treatment plan and finding a local clinician for ongoing care.

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Grief and Carer Support

Caring for a loved one in their last stages of life, or grieving their loss, is emotionally demanding – but you’re not alone! Access one-on-one calls and self-guided online resources for the emotional support and practical guidance you need.

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Additional support through illness or injury

When injury or illness is making it hard to stay at work, or if you find yourself at any stage of the claim process, Vivo has support options to help you manage your condition and get you back to health and work.

You can explore everything Vivo has to offer at

If you believe additional support may be right for you, reach out to the Vivo Team at They’ll assess your situation to see if additional support through Vivo is suitable.

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Frequently asked questions

No, you don’t need to make a claim to access additional support from Vivo. Getting recovery support in the early stages of an illness or injury can significantly improve your long-term health outcomes.

When illness or injury impacts your ability to stay at work, you can reach out to us to see if you’re eligible and suitable for additional support through Vivo.

Additional support through Vivo is provided based on suitability.

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