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Whether it’s a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document (PDS) or a form to update your payment details, you’ll find our complete library of customer forms and documents here.

However, don’t forget that most requests can be handled without a form either over the phone or via email. You’ll find our contact details in the Get in touch section of our website.

Payment authority

Use this form to update your premium payment details for your Encompass Protection policy.
Protect Super Plan

Required forms

Here are the important forms you will need to complete if you’ve purchased, or plan to purchase, life insurance using the Protect Super Plan.

Protect Super Death Benefit Nomination

Use this form to make a binding or non-binding beneficiary nomination, renew an existing nomination, or to change an existing nomination.

Protect Super Enduring Rollover Form

Use this form to provide your consent to rollover or transfer part of the superannuation benefits from your nominated superannuation account, to the Protect Super Plan for Encompass Protection.

Protect Super Plan Member Meeting Minutes FY22

This document summarises the minutes from the Protect Super Plan Annual General Meeting for FY22.